Hi, I'm Lachlan Sneff.

I try to be well-rounded in my interests.

I'm currently a 6th semester undergraduate at the Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Engineering Science with a minor in Nanotechnology. My background is in low-level programming, operating systems, Webassembly, and compilers, among other things, but I love to explore new technologies that are pushing the frontier of what's possible.

Here are some things I've worked on:

I also have a lab notebook to keep track of my various projects.

Ongoing Projects

Atomic Force Microscope I'm in the early stages of designing an inexpensive atomic force microscope that can be built using common hobbyist tools.
Ligeia A replacement for gtkwave, written in Rust with high-performance and larger-than-memory traces in mind.


Orthogonal Persistence

An exploration of orthogonal persistence in the context of webassembly.